Congratulations to Melissa Moreton whose dissertation "'Scritto di bellissima lettera': Nuns' Book Production in 15th and 16th century Italy" has won this year's Spriesterbach Dissertation Prize in the Humanities and Fine Arts!

Three members have published scholarship recently:

  • Katrina Rose and Alyson Dodi Meiselman, "Employment of Trans-Individuals, A Perspective With A Long View" in Maryland Bar Journal Volume XLVI Number 5 (Sept.-Oct. 2013): 12-19.
  • Albertus Onyiego, Review of Dar es Salaam: Histories from an emerging African Metropolis, edited by James R. Brennan, Andrew Burton and Yusufu Lawi, in Chemchemi: Bulletin of the Mwalimu Nyerere Professorial Chair in Pan-African Studies, Issue No. 6 (Apr. 2013): 29. 
  • Eric Zimmer: Review of Sustaining the Cherokee Family: Kinship and the Allotment of an Indigenous Nation, by Rose Stremlau in Southern Historian, Vol. XXXIV (Spring 2013): 127-129.