September was a busy month for GHS members.

It saw the beginning of our inaugural Dissertation Write-In. This is a working group open to post-comps students who are looking for a productive atmosphere in which to work on their prospectus, dissertation, or other long-form writing projects. The Write-In convenes three times a week, for two hours each time, and provides a focused space in which graduate students can work on defined writing goals. New members are always welcome and encouraged.

We've also got plenty of members writing in other spaces:

Member Yvonne Seale, meanwhile, has been helping others with their writing in her new role as Assistant Editor for the Hortulus Journal of Medieval Studies.

On September 10, Brian Miller, Katherine Massoth, and Eric Zimmer participated in a talk co-sponsored by the Digital Studio for Public Humanities. They discussed the History Corps Project—a graduate-student-led, online digital and oral history project—the process of transitioning it to the Omeka Platform, and the problems of "future-proofing" digital history projects.

The History Corps also unveiled its permanent online archive home at the Iowa Research Online repository. Dozens of interviews are already available to listen to and download.