Below is a list of past scholars and historians who have given the University of Iowa Graduate History Society's annual keynote address. (Our list is incomplete; if you're an alum and can help us expand on it, please feel free to get in touch!)


Emily Callaci (University of Madison). "Street Archives and City Life: Popular Intellectuals in Postcolonial Tanzania." 19 April, 2018.


Margot Canaday (Princeton). "Pink Precariat: LGBT Workers in the Shadow of Civil Rights." 29 October, 2015.


Carol Symes (University of Illinois). "Performative Texts, Popular Literacies, and the Media Revolution of Medieval Europe." 16 October, 2014.

Kevin P. Murphy (University of Minnesota). "Sexuality and the City: Interdisciplinarity and the Challenges of Queer Public History." 3 April, 2014.


Richard C. Hoffmann (York University, Toronto). "Higher Authority: the State, Private Rights, and the 'Common Good' in Late Medieval Resource Management." 7 March, 2013.


Linda K. Kerber (University of Iowa). "Not Quite the Last Lecture: Reflections on the Practice of History." 20 March, 2012.


Staughton Lynd. (Independent Scholar). "Guerilla History." 15 April, 2011.


Victoria de Grazia. (Columbia University) "Mobilizing American 'Soft Power': From the Cold War to the Global War on Terror." 17 April, 2008.


Anna Clark (University of Minnesota). "Sexual Utopias and Sexual Consumerism in the 20th Century." 16 February, 2007.


David Montgomery (Yale University). "Workers' Movements and Imperialism: The Changing World of the Twentieth Century." 22 September, 2005.


Thomas Schoonover (University of Louisiana at Lafayette) "A German Spy and a British Novelist: Heinz August Lüning, Graham Greene's Man in Havana." 16 April, 2004.


Jack Morrison (Shippensburg University) "The Women's Concentration Camp at Ravensbruck." 23 April, 2003.


Ruth Mazo Karras (University of Minnesota) "Before Race, Class, and Sexuality? Medieval Europeans as the People Without (the New Cultural) History." 6 March, 2001


Alice Kessler Harris (Rutgers University). 1 October, 1998.


Leon Litwack (University of California at Berkeley). "Hellhound on My Trail: Civil Rights from Reconstruction to the Present." 8 February, 1989.


Lloyd Gardner (Rutgers University). "Detente and the Cold War." 18 April, 1988.


Alan B. Spitzer (University of Iowa). 8 October, 1970.


Charles Gibson (University of Iowa). "Archival Research in Spain and Latin America." 17 May, 1961.

Theodore Waldman (University of Iowa). "On R.G. Collingwood's Philosophy of History." 17 January, 1961.

1960 (Inaugural Speaker)

Charles W. Arnade (University of Florida) "The English Invasion of Spanish Florida, 1700-1706." 24 October, 1960.