GHS Social Media and Website Director
10 Schaeffer Hall
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David De La Torre’s work intersects critical indigenous theory, urban history, and American Indian history. His dissertation explores the ways in which Chicago American Indian communities used urban environments to navigate and contest racial structures of housing segregation and settler colonialism in the 20th century.

De La Torre is also a collaborator for the Iowa Native Spaces Project. He utilizes Geographic Information Systems(GIS) and engages with critical cartography scholarship to deconstruct colonial representations of indigenous land. His working exhibit “What’s in a Map? Exploring the 1843 Richardson Map of the Great Nemaha Reservation” also engages with spatial negotiations through an examination of Ioway movement across borders.

De La Torre is additionally a co-founder of Bridging South Central Communities and conceptual framer of the Memories of my Neighborhood Oral History and Historic Blogging exhibit. This Los Angeles community-based public history project crowd sources memories for the purpose of enhancing community capacity through participation of history making and dissemination.  He served as Project Manager between 2014-2017 and Website Design and Content Manager between 2017-current.